Dental all on four dental implants - the Ultimate Guide By the Best Dentist in Bonham, Texas

Date: 27th June 2024

Whether you are an existing denture wearer or are considering dentures for the first time, you have probably heard of the treatment option called “All-On-Four” dental implants. This type of treatment has a successful history of use with dentures to increase the longevity and support of the denture for wearers over time.

all on four dentures texas

What are All on Four Dental Implants?

The All-On-Four dental implant treatment technique involves surgically placing four dental implants in a patient without teeth in the upper or lower arch. Four implants are placed below the gums and into the jawbone of the upper or lower arches, and they will later support a patient’s dentures. Essentially, four implants will support an entire arch of missing teeth.

A dental implant is a small, titanium screw placed in the jawbone of a patient. A dental implant has a portion that is placed below the gum surface, referred to as the “post”, and also a portion that extends into the oral cavity. The portion that extends into the oral cavity is called the “abutment.”

The abutment is the portion of the implant that can connect to other components that are useful to the dentist in replacing or supporting missing dental structures. Some examples include crowns, bridges, partials, and dentures.

It is common for bone loss to occur after a patient removes their teeth in favor of dentures. The jawbone can slowly degrade, and the previously prominent jawbone that once supported a denture may no longer be sufficient to secure the denture during use over time.

In the past, denture wearers had few options for securing a poorly fitting denture. After a few trips to the dentist for adjustments, the patient often had to replace their existing dentures with better-fitting ones. Eventually, however, there would no longer be enough jaw bone to hold a denture securely.

All-On-Four implants help secure dentures in patients who no longer have the jawbone so they can confidently hold a denture in place. The surgical implant placement of four implants is all it takes to secure a new or existing denture for patients lacking the jawbone to support their dentures for the long term.

The implant abutment will attach to connectors placed in the patient’s dentures to secure it. There will be no need for denture adhesives or pastes. The implants securely connect the denture to the abutment, allowing our patients to use it confidently all day. Our dentist will ensure the abutment and connector are aligned to support the denture over time.

Even if you are a current denture wearer, you can still be a candidate for All-On-Four dental implants. Ask our skilled dentist at Sunshine Dental and Implant Center in Bonham, Texas, how new implants can be placed with connectors fitted to your existing denture.

Patients considering dentures for the first time are also excellent candidates for All-On-Four dental implants. The support a patient receives when using implant-retained dentures will increase comfort and confidence as they transition to denture use.

all on four dentures texas
Before All-on-4 Dental Implants
all on four dentures texas
All-on-4 Dental Implant
all on four dentures texas
After All-on-4 Dental Implants

What are the advantages of All-On-Four over traditional implants?

Read on if you are still unsure about all-on-four dental implants and how they can simplify your new denture experience! Patients without teeth used to have limited choices in creating a natural and functional set of teeth, but since implant dentistry evolved, that is no longer the case.

Dental implants have been used for decades, but patient selection would be based on several factors that could disqualify a patient from receiving one. Such factors would include the anatomical structures that naturally occur in the patient’s mouth or lack of jawbone, making implant placement impossible without surgical intervention. Various surgical procedures could offer workarounds to these obstacles, such as bone grafting, sinus lifts, and strategic rerouting of nerve pathways. However, these surgical procedures would cost the patient time and money.

At one time, implants were designed to support a single missing tooth in the mouth. Eventually, modern technology created an implant system with the strength and resiliency to support an entire arch of teeth. As a result, implants were regularly used as an adjunct to improve a patient’s denture experience.

Implant utilization with denture fabrication included the use of several dental implant posts. Early on, it was determined that the number of implant posts was not the issue but the placement technique. As a result, the All-On-Four concept evolved.

Considering only four dental implant posts would be utilized to support an entire arch of teeth, the posts would require placement in the most load-bearing areas of the oral cavity. The location of the molar teeth and the canine teeth (the back and corners towards the front of the mouth) would need the most support over time and, therefore, be the ideal location for the All-On-Four post placement. Additionally, the angled position of the four posts with the All-On-Four technique would ensure the stability required to withstand the forces exerted on the teeth over time.

Conversely, individual implant placement can also create a natural appearance for patients. Individual implant placement involves surgically placing multiple implant posts in the patient’s jawbone to support single—or multiple-tooth dental prostheses eventually.

A prosthesis could be a single crown, a bridge, or a partial or complete denture. Depending on a patient’s anatomy, additional surgeries may be necessary, which can be associated with extra costs, complications, and time.

Individual implant treatment methods can be effective for patients actively trying to retain their existing natural teeth. For patients seeking replacement of their missing natural teeth, this could result in a timely, costly investment requiring multiple appointments.

For our current denture wearers or patients without teeth, the All-On-Four treatment is an ideal treatment choice for multiple reasons:

  • All-On-Four offers a long-term natural solution for denture wearers concerned with insufficient bone for traditional implants
  • All-On-Four offers a more affordable solution for patients concerned with multiple surgical procedures required to ensure the stability and security of a dental prosthesis
  • All-On-Four offers a swift solution to patients wanting to replace an ill-fitting denture with a permanent and supportive solution for a beautiful, long-lasting smile

Call our office today at Bonham Sunshine Dental and Implant Center for an appointment to discuss treatment options for your new smile! We can’t wait to make your dental dreams come true!

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